Default gateway deleted & Pen startup problem under vrrp

From: DELCONTI Gabriele <>
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 19:06:18 +0100

We are testing Pen 0.17 with this configuration:


2 webservers running Apache and RH Linux ES4 upd2, vrrpd 1.0, HP DL360


First problem:


Default gateway setting is scraped by vrrpd each time vrrpd process is
started. According to this page , starting
vrrpd with -n option actually solves this problem but we are wondering
to know if this behaviour is related to our configuration or what else.



Second problem:


We are unable to start pen on the slave vrrp node (i.e. server that is
not owning the VIP) unless we force a vrrp switch electing the slave
node to vrrp master. Note that pen instance already running on master
node is not affected by vrrp switching. In other word it seems that vrrp
state is influencing Pen startup phase only. After successful startup
Pen processes on both servers, any vrrp switch and Pen load balancing
work fine



Any help regarding one or both the above problems will be very




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