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From: surendersara <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 01:03:06 -0400

Hi There,
I am new to this tool. I installed vmware and pen on it.
I have 2 oracle erp based Apache web servers.
The servers are at and Both are using 8000 port.
I use and and
individually. I want to load balance them using pen tool. So when i call
http://raclbr --- It goes to any of the above servers. ( raclbr is the name
of my hercules server that i changed)
I am using /etc/init.d location based pen shell script. I change the ports
and ip there.
I try to connect to pen host called raclbr. It shows the index.html page.
If i changed the controlport to 8000 to that i can use
I can ping all the oracle servers.
Please help me do this.
Surender Sara
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