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Actually what I explained is what I need. I just installed VMWARE with pen

Not sure how to make pen work. Not working. This is what I have done and is

This is what I do.

1. I start vmware
2. login as root/root
3. I open /etc/init.d/pen script

Setting are...

1. LOGFILE=/var/log/pen.log
2. PIDFILE=/var/run/
4. CHROOTDIR=/chroot/pen
5. LBSERVER=raclbr

Then rest of the if then for init.d to call

I rebooted the server to take affect of the changes.

Not I try to login to http://raclbr:8888 --- dosent work

What I need is...

To call http://raclbr:80 or 8888 not sure what

To make the connection to eiher of these ( oracle needs sticky connections)

Can you please tell me what to do to make this work or what I have to


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On Fri, 21 Jul 2006, surendersara wrote:

> Hi There,
> I am new to this tool. I installed vmware and pen on it.
> I have 2 oracle erp based Apache web servers.
> The servers are at and Both are using 8000 port.
> I use
> and
> and
> individually. I want to load balance them using pen tool. So when i
> call
> http://raclbr --- It goes to any of the above servers. ( raclbr is
> the name of my hercules server that i changed)
> I am using /etc/init.d location based pen shell script. I change the
> ports and ip there.
> I try to connect to pen host called raclbr. It shows the index.html page.
> If i changed the controlport to 8000 to that i can use
> http://raclbr
> I can ping all the oracle servers.
> Please help me do this.

What exactly is the problem? You have installed the software, you have
modified the start script so it does what you want, you see the web pages.
It seems like it's all under control.

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