Re: More issues with pen

From: Nathan Butcher <>
Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 11:28:15 +0900

Good point.

I guess the last remaining issue I'm having is the SSL experimental
modification. (I'd really like it to work so that I can get IP addresses
from HTTPS clients).

Seems to work OK on small pages with not much content, but as soon as
you start throwing loads of images and scripts down the pipe it all
chokes up. I 've managed to force pen to segfault by running it on the
highest debug mode with SSL encapsulation, and it died during an
"SSL_write" while trying to load a massively javascripted page with images.

 A gdb on pen spat something out about a memcpy fouling up at the same
point, so I'm lead to believe that the SSL implementation is having some
memory buffering issues.... or something. I really have no clue, but now
seems like a good time for me to learn openssl programming.

Chris Elsworth wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 04, 2006 at 04:58:43PM +0900, Nathan Butcher wrote:
>> * It would be nice if the pen configuration file was read in BEFORE
>> chrooting. It only needs to be read once, and if it was read before
>> chrooting I wouldn't have to store the config file in the chroot
>> directory. It's only a minor niggle, but anyway....
> No thanks. Then I can't run pen in a chroot and have it reload the
> config file on a HUP.
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