Re: Pen dropping excess connections?

From: Pete K <>
Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2007 10:18:26 -0400

> If you however do this:
> pen -r -x 2
> then pen will never accept more than two connections at a time. The
> rest will be queued.

Ah, excellent information, thank you! I think this is a much better
solution than what I've been doing, which is essentially

   pen -r

If I'm understanding things correctly, this lets the backend servers do
the queuing, which leads to pen being less than ideally efficient at
choosing which backend server to send a connection to -- pen just does
pure round robin, and even if one of the backend servers is handling a
connection that is taking longer than others pen will just pile extra
connections onto it.

With your suggested configuration of

  pen -r -x 2

pen should put queued connections onto whichever backend server is free
first. Am I understanding this correctly?

Thanks again for your help,
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