Corrections and addition on The Ultimate Cheapskate Cluster

From: Wim Vinckier <>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2007 13:19:38 +0200


I've trying to create a cluster based on the ultimate cheap cluster
and I have some remarks. This is the only way it worked. In my
example I've used the addresses from

Server 1:
Server 2:
shared IP:

1. Start vrpd
* vrrpd -i eth1 -p 25 -v 1
This creates a device listening on It has to be started before pen.

2. Start apache
* on server 1: Listen, Listen
* on server 2: Listen, Listen
Just let apache listen on the 'normal' interface. Pen will contact
apache on this one

3. Start pen:
* on server 1: /opt/pen/bin/pen localhost:80 -l pen.log
* on server 2: /opt/pen/bin/pen localhost:80 -l pen.log
I've been searching a while on this one. It makes pen listen on the
shared IP and balance the requests between localhost and the other

If anyone has any remark about this one, please feel free to respond.
It would be nice for others if this could be added to the original


wim vinckier.

You have been on the computer to long when you start tilting your head
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