Pen was not responding

From: jeanpierre.decorps <>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2007 13:54:25 +0200

First thanks for Pen :)

Yesterday our websites was not responding during, and i found that all
ma webservers was ok, but than Pen doesn't balancing anything...
It was running since 86 days, and it was still in memory ...
I had restarted it, and all works fine now. I can't understand why.
My Pen release is 0.17.1
My command line is :
/usr/bin/pen -j /home/pen -p / -u pen -r -H -S 2

Another (little) problem :
You can see that i'm using the -H option line ( add X-Forwarded-For
header in http requests) this work well with the
extract_forwarded_module but sometimes my server 1 logs as
the user IP ... and i still don't understand why...

Can you help me ?

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