Failover problem - switches not seeing virtual ip address on new host?

From: Peter Kiem <>
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 16:06:15 +1000


I know this isn't Pen's problem per se but I was wondering if someone
else had tried to set this up and has a solution.

I have multiple pen servers running on Red Hat Linux 7.3 servers with
ucarp controlling a virtual IP for the clients to connect to.

If I stop ucarp on one server, the other ucarp server detects this and
brings up the virtual IP address quite successfully.
The problem is any connections to the virtual IP address fail.
It looks to me like the switches are still thinking the virtual IP
address is on the failed server and doesn't recognise it is now over on
the other server.

Has anyone else run into this setting up failover with vrrp or carp with
their pen installations?

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