Re: pen and spamass-milter

From: Robert Schetterer <>
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2008 15:27:58 +0100

Nigel Horne schrieb:
> Sorry for cross posting, I'm not clear if this is a spamass-milter or
> pen issue. Or both.
> I've been attempting to use pen to load balance spamassassin. I talk to
> spamassaassin
> via spamass-milter.
> The theory is:
> sendmail->spamass-milter->spamc->pen (listening on port 783)->spamd on
> two machines
> But it doesn't work. Spamass-milter fills mail.log with "Could not
> extract score from <>"
> and my headers are no longer updated with spamassassin scores. So
> something is
> wrong but I don't know if it's pen or spamass-milter. All works fine
> without pen.
> Pen is started thus: "pen 783 localhost:10783 packard".
> Spamass-milter is started with OPTIONS="-u spamass-milter -i
> -i -i -r 15 -I"
> in /etc/default/spamass-milter.
> On the localhost spamassassin is started with OPTIONS="--create-prefs
> --max-children 6 --helper-home-dir -p 10783"
> On the "packard" machine spamassassin is started with
> OPTIONS="--create-prefs --max-children 5 --helper-home-dir"
> This is Debian5.0 Linux on an x86.
> -Nigel

Hi Nigel

SpamAssassin Sendmail Milter Plugin
Usage: spamass-milter -p socket [-b|-B bucket] [-d xx[,yy...]] [-D host]
                      [-e defaultdomain] [-f] [-i networks] [-m] [-M]
                      [-P pidfile] [-r nn] [-u defaultuser] [-x]
                      [-- spamc args ]
   -p socket: path to create socket
   -b bucket: redirect spam to this mail address. The orignal
          recipient(s) will not receive anything.
   -B bucket: add this mail address as a BCC recipient of spam.
   -d xx[,yy ...]: set debug flags. Logs to syslog
   -D host: connect to spamd at remote host (deprecated)
   -e defaultdomain: pass full email address to spamc instead of just
          username. Uses 'defaultdomain' if there was none
   -f: fork into background
   -i: skip (ignore) checks from these IPs or netblocks
          example: -i,,
   -m: don't modify body, Content-type: or Subject:
   -M: don't modify the message at all
   -P pidfile: Put processid in pidfile
   -r nn: reject messages with a score >= nn with an SMTP error.
          use -1 to reject any messages tagged by SA.
   -u defaultuser: pass the recipient's username to spamc.
          Uses 'defaultuser' if there are multiple recipients.
   -x: pass email address through alias and virtusertable expansion.
   -- spamc args: pass the remaining flags to spamc.

i may fail here but default is to use a local socket
you might use -D host: connect to spamd at remote host
this might not work cause this option may depricated

man file says

-D host
             Connects to a remote spamd server on host, instead of using
one on localhost. This option is deprecated; use
             -- -d host instead.

so --d our.spampdhost.ip.addr ( which may balanced ) should work

Best Regards
MfG Robert Schetterer
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