Siag Office 3.5.7 released

From: Ulric Eriksson (
Date: Sat Mar 01 2003 - 00:10:21 CET

Two changes:

1. The stocks library which is used to pull stock qoutes from Yahoo hasn't
worked with non-US stocks for some time. I wrote to the author but didn't
get a reply, so now I'm including a fixed version. It's small enough that
it doesn't really matter.

Since the library is always available, the --with-stocks configuration
option was removed.

2. The current interpretation of the ICCCM, and also the de facto
standard, is to use the PRIMARY selection for the currently highlighted
text and CLIPBOARD for stuff being cut and pasted. Siag, PW and Xedplus
have all been updated to do it that way, so now it is possible to cut and
paste to and from most other X applications.

Xedplus needs a widget library that groks the CLIPBOARD selection. As far
as I know only neXtaw 0.14, released yesterday, does. Otherwise the editor
will work fine with the exception of cutting and pasting.

See with full change log in


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