Why are my compiled binaries bigger?

From: Barry Kauler (bkauler@goosee.com)
Date: Sun May 11 2003 - 03:52:11 CEST

Hi, I've just subscribed to the Siag mailing list. Hope I am sending
this contribution to the right address so it gets on the list!

I like Siag Office very much!

I've got a question about size of binaries. I downloaded latest precompiled,
which uses Mowitz and neXtaw libraries.
I downloaded those libraries and installed them, then downloaded the Siag
source and compiled it. All went well, it found the libraries, compiled as
shared, "ldd" showed all is well with the compiled binaries, same shared
libraries as the precompiled binaries
-- however, the precompiled binaries are about 4 times smaller.
For example, pw is about 250K, whereas my compiled version is about 1M.

Can anyone give me a clue why this is so?

I'm building a super-tiny distribution that boots off a Compact Flash card, so
size of files is important.
I'm even thinking of using just Xaw3d rather than neXtaw, as the former is a
fraction of the size. Also, Siags docs state they are 100% compatible.
-- so probably I could just use symlink to libXaw3D and not even bother to
recompile? (especially as I can't get small binaries as the precompiled ones

Any feedback on this most welcome!
Barry kauler

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