Fonts for Mowitz

From: Barry Kauler (
Date: Mon May 12 2003 - 15:56:23 CEST

I'm construction a tiny Linux distribution that boots off a Compact Flash card,
and so far it's working real nice, mostly.
I'm doing this partly to learn how Linux works, and I'm doing it the hard way,
building it file by file.

I've discoved how fragmented the fonts situation is in Linux!
XFree installs fonts, in folders 75dpi/, 100dpi/, misc/, Type1/, TTF/, maybe more.
The first three are bitmap fonts, and I managed to cut that down to just one folder,
with a reduced set of fonts.

I have just installed Ghostscript v6.50, and it has its own Type1 fonts. So, I had the
idea of using the GS_FONTPATH environment variable that gs uses, to point to
XFree's Type1 font folder, so could discard the Ghostscript folder....
well, I'm getting an error when try to view a .ps file:

"error: /invalid font in findfont ... "

Now, Mowitz also has its own folder of Type1 fonts. This is all very wasteful!

Ideally I would like one folder of type1 fonts that they can all share.
What I'm thinking is, is it just a matter of having a suitable "fonts.alias" file, so that
Mowitz/gs/X etc can find what they want?
The Mowitz fonts folder is the smallest ...maybe I could use that as the basis and
discard the others.

Or, am I being too hopeful? ...maybe I should just stay with 3 separate folders. But,
it's too wasteful.

Barry Kauler

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