How to reference cell in another sheet?

From: Dstock <>
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009 18:10:12 -0500


How do you reference a cell from one sheet to another within the same saved spreadsheet?

For an example. I save a spreadsheet with one sheet called "test" and second sheet(tabs at bottom) is called "test 2".

Say in cell a1 of "test" I want it to display the value of cell b2 in "test 2".
Also, say in "test" I want to add a range of cells. I want to add a1 and a2 of the "test" sheet to a cell in "test 2" and have have the total displayed in a3 of the "test" sheet. Do I use "r_sum(a1..a2)" and somehow add say a2 to that from "test 2" sheet?

Is there any kind of tutorial for siag? In the documentation online I see it lists the functions, but is there a tutorial somewhere that gives examples and more of an explanation on how to do things?

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