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Re: Attempt to install (t)siag clobbered my fvwm95

On Fri, 28 Aug 1998, James Ramsey wrote:

> I'm the same guy who wrote the e-mail entitled "Error messages from
> attempting to install (t)siag".  I'm afraid things have gone from bad
> to worse in my 'adventure' to install tsiag.  After attempting a
> manual installation of Siag, I found that when I went into X, the
> window manager had changed from fvwm95, the typical default for a Red
> Hat installation, to the much uglier fvwm.  I'm not sure, but I think
> the fvwm I saw was curses-based(?).  If anyone can clue me in on what
> I did to myself, I'd love to hear it (please!).  You can look at my
> last e-mail--again, it's entitled "Error messages from attempting to
> install (t)siag"--to see the error messages from my attempted install.

I can't think of *anything* that would cause installation of a
curses program to hose your X setup.

IIRC, Red Hat has a menu that allows you to choose from several window
managers. Under fvwm95 it would be hidden under several levels of menus
from the Start button. I don't know where they put it under fvwm, but
clicking all buttons on the root window might reveal something.