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Re: Attempt to install (t)siag clobbered my fvwm95

---Ulric Eriksson <ulric@edu.stockholm.se> wrote:

> I can't think of *anything* that would cause installation of a
> curses program to hose your X setup.
> Ulric
I think you're right about it not having anything to do with the
curses program itself.  I've been walking through the scripts that
start up X, and it turns out that the wm I'm running is fvwm2, which
has multiple options for decor, including a Win95 look. One thing I'm
thinking might have happened is that something broke in the decor
configs, so fvwm2 responded by picking an 'ugly' looking default
setup. (That's why I thought it might be curses, all I really know
about curses is that it's text-based and 'ugly' compared to pretty,
pretty Windows-ish GUIs.).  I still think it has *something* to do to
with the attempted manual installation of Siag, since 'make depend'
kept producing this message:

*Initialization*:1: warning: '_XOPEN_SOURCE' redefined
*Initialization*:1: warning: this is the location of the previous

I tried to do a make install after the make failed. (I wanted to
reproduce the error messages that I had been getting.)  I heard from
another guy on the Siag mailing list that this was a _bad_ thing.  I
wonder if maybe that's what did the actual hosing.

--J. J.
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