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Web Site Analysis - FREE

  *****    FREE WEB SITE ANALYSIS    *****

        ***  Limited Time Offer  ***

If you're hopeful of ever making money from 
the internet, then its just plain smart to
make sure that your web site is properly
programmed and up to the task.  That's where
this Special FREE Offer comes in...

World Wide Network Marketing, one of the net's
most renown marketing firms, is pleased to once
again make this Special FREE Offer to web 
site owners who truly want their sites to 
be successful.

If you are lucky enough to be included in the
first 1,000 respondents, then you will be able
to speak directly with one of our professionals
and receive a "one-on-one" "person-to-person"
100% FREE - NO STRINGS ATTACHED - web site 
analysis.  No more just talking to computers 
or trying to understand complicated reports 
from software programs.  You'll be speaking 
with an honest-to-goodness human being.  
Wow, what a concept.


Due to the HUGE response we have received from
this offer in the past we must limit this Free
Offer to the first 1,000 respondents.  So you 
must act quickly.  

Also due to the enormous response WE MUST LIMIT
it is Extremely Important that you have pen and 
paper ready because you will be needing to take
a lot of notes.


CALL NOW - Remember You Must Be In The First
1,000 To Respond Or Else You'll Miss Out
On This Great FREE Opportunity.

Here are just a few of the VITAL AREAS that
you'll be discussing with our team member;

 1) Load Time - How long does your web site take
    to load?  How long should it take?  What about
    visitors who are using 14.4 or 28.8 baud modems?
    There are still millions of them in use.  What
    can you do to help speed things up?

 2) HTML Design - How well is your site programmed?
    Do you have any areas that are causing you 
    critical problems of which you may not even be

    What about META Tags?  Do you know how vitally
    important they are with regard to search engines?
    Did you or your programmer include them?
    These are CRITICAL.

 3) Search Engines, Directories and Indices - Are 
    you ready for them?  Is your web site 
    programmed to take full advantage of their 
    power?  Where in the list of your competitors 
    will you wind up?

 4) How Browser Friendly Is Your Web Site - Did you
    know that various versions of browsers can't 
    even show certain types of web pages?  Is your 
    site one of the thousands that can't even be 
    seen by certain browsers that are being used 
    this very day?

 5) What About Dead Links - These are links in your
    site that point to other pages or web sites. 
    Have you checked all your links to make certain
    that they are still functioning as planned?

 6) How Popular Is Your Site - Are there other web
    sites that are linked to your site?  This can 
    help you in your web site positioning.

 7) Spelling Accuracy - This is where you can really 
    make yourself look unprofessional.  Have you 
    checked all your spelling?

To schedule your FREE one-on-one call with one of
our counselors call us today.

Since we are providing this service to you for
FREE, we only ask that you pay the price of the
telephone call yourself by dialing direct to
Sacramento, California USA at (916) 771-4739.
Your long distance company will bill you at your
regular rate for the call.  There are NO hidden

Our offices are open 9am to 5pm PACIFIC TIME
Monday through Friday.


World Wide Network Marketing
5098 Foothills Blvd., #3136
Roseville, CA  95747

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