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Fwd: KSiag is *alpha* code

I got some emails from users of my new KDE port who found it did not work on
their machine. If you are intrested in the port please read the following:

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Subject: KSiag is *alpha* code
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 1998 21:21:05 -0500
From: mosfet <mosfet@jorsm.com>

After getting emails from several users who were disappointed when KSiag would
not build on their machine, I think it is important to make sure that it is
clear that this is the first alpha release. It should build and run, but
requires both QT1.40 and a recent kdelibs. This is because by the time I finish
implementing all the features I want before 1.0, the current kde will probably
be obselete. Alpha releases of any software should be viewed as either a
preview for what is on the way or as something you may be intrested in helping
with the development of. There are a lot of things to be implemented, even more
things to be optimized, and a lot of things that act funny. It is the
first release, but things are progressing rapidly now.

In retrospect some of this is my fault. I should have made it clear what the
requirements were and that it isn't something for daily use. I also should have
probably posted it's availablity on kde-devel instead of kde. I apologize
to those who downloaded it and found they didn't have the proper system. I got
off on what features were already available and wanted to show people what was
coming. I probably needed to be more clear that it's alpha.

If it is any consolation the code at the core of the application,  Siag, is
already at 3.0.4, quite stable, and complete. That makes the development
process for the KDE version much faster than starting from scratch. I'll try to
code faster in order to get that to you ;-)

Daniel M. Duley
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