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Re: . . . named ranges in Siag--Further clarification

Let me do a more concise clarification of my proposal for named ranges
in Siag.

The essence of my proposal was to find an intelligent way to implement
named ranges in Siag so that the name of the range would actually
refer to the data it was supposed to refer to. The reason I proposed
storing the named range in some sort of array is that this way, even
if the placement of the data on the spreadsheet grid were to change,
the range name would still refer to the data it was intended to refer

I know that most commercial spreadsheets are 'smart enough' to adjust
the cell references appropriately when the range is repositioned, but
it still seems like the spreadsheets still 'think' of the range as
refering to a set of cells in the spreadsheet rather than refer to the
data that those cells contain. I simply wanted to propose an alternate

--J. J.

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