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jjramsey idea

J. J. and I had what I thought was a pretty good exchange and I think
came up with a pretty good idea.

The issue is that typically when copying a block that you get a
copy of the expressions in each cell.  If at a later time you
want to modify one of these expressions and have it affect all
copies as well then you have to edit every copied cell as well.

A nice feature to solve this would be to create a new operator on
a block which converts every cell to a systematically automatically
named set of functions.  Thus, when that block (or portions of that
block) is copied then one is copying personalized functions and so
one can edit the function and change all copied cells.  example:
one selects a block of cells (say a 3x6 region) and says "functionize"
which then prompts for starting function name to which I say
HOME_BUDGET at which point expression in R1C1 of selected block is
replaced with HOME_BUDGET_R1C1(vars,,,).  The expression in R1C1 is
made into function HOME_BUDGET_R1C1 with relative cell references
being passed as args (so a copy can keep then as relative references).