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Okay, I guess I'll come back

---Ulric Eriksson <ulric@edu.stockholm.se> wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Oct 1998, James Ramsey wrote:
> > I was hoping that I could, as a potential end-user, contribute
> > suggestions to improve Siag. Much as you guys have been fairly
> > cordial, I get the feeling that what I have mostly done is get in
> > my head and put my foot in my mouth. 

> >. . . I think that I have mostly tested
> > your patience.
> Not Really. For that you have to try much harder. ;-)
> Do what you think you have to. 
> Ulric

With that bit of encouragement, I think I will come back. I had
thought that I had been more offensive than I apparently had. Sorry.

--J. J.
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