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Siag 3.0.6

Changes from 3.0.4:

981002  Cut, Copy and Paste on the Edit menu. They use the new functions
        pack-area and unpack-area.

981001  Fixed SEGV when plugin was hidden and then redisplayed.

980930  Optional A1 references. Set print command and postscript viewer
        from the menu (File - Print Format).

980927  Sorting in sort.scm. Main functions are sort-block and sort-range.

980924  Removed all (?) GNU/Linuxisms from the Imakefiles.

980921  Changed default location of binaries to /usr/local/bin. Changed
        "mkdir -p" to MKDIRHIER in the Imakefiles. Released 3.0.5.

980917  Better loading of 1-2-3 files.

980917  In siodi.c: allow get_cell to return label as string.

980916  Workaround for some weirdness in SUSE .Xdefaults.

How to change previewer:
1. From the menu: File - Print Format
2. Type the name of the new viewer in the dialog box and click OK
3. (Optional) From the menu: Window - Save Preferences

How to sort:
1. Select the area to be sorted
2. Click in the row/column that contains the key
3. From the menu: Block - Sort - (8 different ways to sort)

How to use A1 refs:
1. From the menu: Window - Reference Style - A1
2. Instead of typing e.g. R4C5, type E4.
3. (Optional) From the menu: Window - Save Preferences
Don't try to mix the two styles, it won't work.