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Re: SIAG on an Alpha machine

On 05-Oct-98 Ulric Eriksson wrote:
> I don't have an account on an alpha, so I can't test it. But here are a
> couple of clues.
> 1. The conversion between XtPointer and int is something many X programs
> do and IIRC the definition of XtPointer is supposed to allow the
> conversion.

I would think that going from a 32-bit integer to a 64-bit pointer would work
OK but I can see trouble going the other way.

> 2. There are many places where arguments which should be declared as long
> are instead declared as int. This makes no difference on a 32-bit
> platform, but I don't know if the Alpha has 64-bit longs.

It does.

> Have you tried running it under gdb? If it is an int/long problem, it
> should be easy to catch.

Well I guess that's my next step. I just thought I'd see if anybody had tried
running on the Alpha to avoid re-inventing the wheel. I'm not a programmer
though, so I'm not sure how far I will get in solving the matter.

Thanks for the thoughts. 

Brian E.W. Wood  beww@intac.com