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Re: Spam

Ulric Eriksson writes:
 > I've had it. From now on only registered subscribers can post to this
 > list. That is a PITB because there are valid reasons for non-subscribers
 > to post, but the spam is becoming a nuisance.

Hm, we use another mechanism on the Debian lists, which allows
non-subscribers to post: on 1st submission, reply to the sender a mail
with a random cookie in the subject, asking him to reply to this mail
to get registered as authorized to post.

This at least lets (current) dummy spammers out of the game, but maybe
they'll become intelligent enough one day to turn this around.  In the
meantime it seems the mechanism is quite effective: the difference
between the bug-tracking system, which is not protected in this way,
and the other, protected, lists seems to attest that.

You may want to ask listmaster@lists.debian.org for more accurate info.

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