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Re: siag X binaries linked with ncurses ?

On Thu, 12 Nov 1998 dirson@debian.org wrote:

> I just noticed that all X binaries were linked with ncurses:
> ===
> $ ldd /usr/bin/X11/pw | grep curses
>         libncurses.so.3.4 => /lib/libncurses.so.3.4 (0x40388000)

That is insanely strange. None of my binaries are linked with ncurses,
only libc, libm, libdb and various X libs. That is for the 3.1 alphas. I
went back and checked the Imakefiles for Siag 3.0.6 and [gt]siag 3.0.3,
and the only one that requires ncurses is tsiag. And the old binary on the
ftp site for 3.0.1 was not linked with ncurses.

> I checked I did not make any change to the build process regarding
> ncurses.
> Is this really necessary ?

No, I can see no reason why that should happen.