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Re: Block>Block Style seems not to work.

On Thu, 26 Nov 1998, Joerg Schoeppe wrote:

> what did I wrong?
> I've read you nice explanation about how to use the fill block
> correct.  That was really heplful.  but now I want to set a block
> r2c2 to r20c4 to fixed style.  I'm not able to do it :(

Are the cells empty? The style can't be changed until the cells have
been allocated. This is being worked on and will be fixed.

As a workaround, put something in each of the cells in r2c4..r2c20. A
label with a single space will do.

Once the cells are allocated, you can simply set the block to r2c2..r20c4
and select the new style from the menu.

> BTW.  I use siag on a Solaris 2.5.1 machine and with every open of a new
> sheet I've specify where to find siag.scm (it's /usr/local/lib/X11/siag/siag/)
> Is there any enviroment variable to set?

Do this: