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Siag Office 3.1.4 released with language support

Among the numerous improvements in the latest release, 3.1.4, is
support for Spanish, German, French and Swedish:


Message catalogs for Siag Office are available for the following

Language        Code    Translator
--------        ----    ----------
French          fr      <ghislain.picard@snafu.de> and Xavier Henne
German          de      Matthias Warkus <mawarkus@t-online.de>
Spanish         es      Willian Sanches <wisanche@netscape.net>
Swedish         sv      Ulric Eriksson <ulric@edu.stockholm.se>

To use, set the LANG environment variable to the codes above, for
examples by putting

LANG="sv"; export LANG

into your .profile.

Is your language not supported? You can make a difference! Take one of
the existing dictionary.*.in files from the common subdirectory and
replace all the translations with ones in your language. When you are
done, send the file to ulric@edu.stockholm.se, so it can be included
in future releases of Siag Office.


More changes:

There is no longer a topdir.mk file to tweak. All configuration is done by
the configure script.

Files are now installed into a structure that matches the Gnu project. To
avoid stale files from old versions, it is recommended to make uninstall
before upgrading. Full details of the new directory structure are avilable
in the FILES file, distributed with the source tarball.

Finally, Siag again works properly running as a plugin in -gridonly mode.