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Re: new install: 2 out of 3 ain't bad, but I want spreadsheet

>> However, Siag the spreadsheet has a problem. It won't graph properly.  I
>> select a block of data points and click on the graph menu, and I get a
>> 'gv' display of a *.ps file which shows me a grid, the bottom axis of
>> which always says 0-1 regardless of what I select for X axis.

>As usual, "it works here". Exactly what did you do to get a graph?

    I opened the 'fibonacci' examples and selected two adjacent columns.

    Playing with it after I sent the original letter, I realized what was
going awry.   The link you sent to
http://ftp.edu.stockholm.se/siag/archive/msg00103.html confirms it.
Somehow, instead of giving me an X by W plot of the two n-length vectors, it
was giving me n plots of 2-point vectors.

    I'm guessing that the reason I didn't have the benefit of the fix posted
to the follow-up messages is I downloaded siag3.16.tar.gz off the FTP
archive and not the CVS site.  I'm going to try the fixes and those should
set me straight.

    Many thanks and apologies for any misuse of the list.  PW and Egon are
nifty, and if I can get the same use out of Siag I may go months without
touching Windows.

>There was some discussion recently about horizontally/vertically oriented
>data. Could it be that you have your data in a single column?

See the
>thread starting in
> http://ftp.edu.stockholm.se/siag/archive/msg00103.html
>The alternative plotting routines offered are included with the CVS
>version and will also be included in 3.1.7, which is almost ready for