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Siag Office 3.1.10 released

See release blurb below. See also new screenshots of the updated user
interface at the web site, made last weekend on my old 486.

The xls2csv source is included with the new version. Keep in mind that
this converter is barely alpha and will only sometimes do anything useful.
A better way to convert Excel documents to Siag is to load them in Excel,
save in Lotus format and load the result in Siag. That way, formulas and
even some formatting will often survive.


Siag Office 3.1.10 is the latest version of the free office package
which consists of the spreadsheet Siag, the word processor PW
and the animation program Egon.

Still looking for translators! Croatian, English, French, German,
Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish are currently supported. Anything
else is up for grabs.

Changes from version 3.1.9 include:

 - Redesigned file selector

 - Made plotting plugin not barf on non-numeric cells

 - Portability patches from Harold Toms fixed a couple of broken casts

 - New text editor: a heavily modified version of Randolf Werner's Xed

 - *Very* alpha importing of Excel documents using Victor Wagner's xls2csv

 - Improved recognition of very old Siag files

 - Deallocate unused rows at the bottom of a sheet

Read more about Siag Office at


Sources and binaries can be downloaded from


Ulric Eriksson <ulric@siag.nu>