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Re: wp

On Sun, 18 Apr 1999, William H. Hayes wrote:

> > Is this the proper place for questions regarding the Pathetic Writer app?

> How can I help ??

Hi William, I had two questions, the first regarding the PW app... Is
there a way to configure margins and header & footer sizes? It wasn't

The second question is about Siag. I use this stuff on an i386 Linux
computer. Using Siag, none of the characters on the keypad work, although,
oddly enough, they work on the PW. This Linux computer is at home, and
it's no big deal, but I took an instant liking to the interface, and would
like to use Siag on an i386 OpenBSD computer at work. Is there a trick to
using the keypad, or would it be different on the OpenBSD computer? (maybe
someone here uses Siag on OpenBSD?)

BTW, I've never noticed the keypad characters not working on any other
apps that I run under this X server, XFree86 3.1.

Has anyone ever come across this before?


Dana Booth <dana[at]oz.net>
Tacoma, Washington, USA