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Re: wp

On Sun, 18 Apr 1999, Dana Booth wrote:

> Hi William, I had two questions, the first regarding the PW app... Is
> there a way to configure margins and header & footer sizes? It wasn't
> apparent.

Not yet. Other features one might expect are:

 - configurable indentation
 - page headers/footers
 - paper format

... and a bunch more I can't think of right now. It has been a while
since PW got a major overhaul, and it has been dragging behind Siag in

I hope that to change Real Soon Now.

> The second question is about Siag. I use this stuff on an i386 Linux
> computer. Using Siag, none of the characters on the keypad work, although,
> oddly enough, they work on the PW. This Linux computer is at home, and
> it's no big deal, but I took an instant liking to the interface, and would
> like to use Siag on an i386 OpenBSD computer at work. Is there a trick to
> using the keypad, or would it be different on the OpenBSD computer? (maybe
> someone here uses Siag on OpenBSD?)

I use Siag on NetBSD (among others), but I don't think it matters what
the operating system is. The problem is simply that I never use the
keypad, so it was overlooked. Will be fixed.