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Re: I can't accent

On Thu, 6 May 1999, [ISO-8859-1] Hildebrando Rosa Júnior wrote:

> I can't  acute, grave, tie, tilde and unlaut in siag office, but I can
> accent on others programs.
> Siag don't support accents?

Siag seems to be absolutely UNLOCALIZED, and it's a big fault of Ulrich, I
think. My attempts to put 'setlocale'/'XtSetLanguageProc' somewhere in
source code failed -- it have not help me, I cant type any of my native
russian letters with Siag, using correct internationalisation of X -- Xkb.

I know, people use Siag/pw with there national alphabets if they use old
(before Xkb) hack X internationalisation methods.

Alexander Kotelnikov
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

PS I hope Ulrich will find some time soon and will make his programs