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New release: 3.1.16

At ftp://ftp.edu.stockholm.se/pub/siag/siag-3.1.16.tar.gz as usual.

This release takes care of a number of annoying quirks (and replaces them
with others, perhaps). First of all, the reference style is no longer
global in the whole application, but can be set on a per buffer basis. The
settings are also saved with the rest of the document, so it comes up
right when it is loaded again.

It is also possible to change the format of empty cells, so it is no
longer necessary to enter blanks just to change the default format.

So here is the release blurb:

Major changes from version 3.1.15:

 - Updated Swedish message file

 - A1 and R1C1 references can be used in different buffers without

 - Format of empty cells can be changed.

Bugs fixed:

 - Block handling bug fixed (Pascal.Cuoq@inria.fr)

 - Memory overrun when expanding references (Pierre Abbat

 - Nonstandard C code in Xfiler (Henk Coetzee

 - Core dump in Clipart plugin (Harold Toms)