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Another release, available from ftp://ftp.edu.stockholm.se/pub/siag/ as
usual. The main new feature is actually invisible to the untrained eye: PW
now tracks paragraph boundaries, which is necessary to properly break
lines and paragraphs, and to save and load file formats such as HTML and
RTF without losing structure information. Previously only heuristics were
used, i.e. anything that looked like a paragraph was treated like one.

The command (display-bops 1) can be used to show the beginning of each
paragraph in a rather unattractive but informative way.

More news, many of which are related to the above:

 - Fix by Marcus Harnisch <marcus@harnisch.isdn.cs.tu-berlin.de> to
   Lotus 123 loader: A year contains 86400 seconds, not 84600.

 - Enter dates in Siag.

 - New commands edit-applications and save-applications on Tools menu
   allow the environment to be customized.

 - Auto-generate menu and keybinding documentation for PW and Egon.

 - Keep track of paragraph boundaries in PW.

 - Greatly improved HTML and RTF reader/writers, adding support for
   more formatting info and document structure.

 - Fixed line and paragraph rebreaking code.