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Re: wp

On Wed, 21 Apr 1999, Dana Booth wrote:

> ---Reply to mail from Ulric Eriksson about wp
> >> like to use Siag on an i386 OpenBSD computer at work. Is there a trick to
> >> using the keypad
> > I use Siag on NetBSD (among others), but I don't think it matters what
> > the operating system is. The problem is simply that I never use the
> > keypad, so it was overlooked. Will be fixed.
> Hi, and thanks for the reply. Siag has grown on me very quickly, I'm
> looking forwared to keeping up with it. I really appreciate well
> thought out software.

I have now finally managed to get hold of a computer with XF86 and a
keypad so I could fix this longstanding bug, and the stuff I just checked
into CVS seems to work. It will be included in 3.1.17.