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Re[2]: siag

 This is what you said to me on Monday, April 19, 1999:

>> Hi William, I had two questions, the first regarding the PW app... Is
>> there a way to configure margins and header & footer sizes? It wasn't
>> apparent.

WHH> Which version of siag are you running? The latest can be picked up at
WHH> ftp.edu.stockholm.se/pub/siag.

>> The second question is about Siag.

WHH> I think if you give the later release a try, most of the difficulties
WHH> will vanish.

Hi again, I'm brand new to these applications, and what I
retrieved from the internet was siag-Linux-i586-3.1.5.tar.gz. I
took these pre-built binaries; I wanted to use a simple SS, but
had trouble building some that I'd found at linuxlinks.com.
(along with the program, you have to have this library and that
library, and most of them I did, and getting frustrated
symlinking directories here and there all over the place to try
to get the damn things to build.) Anyway, I thought that the
version that I retrieved was the latest version, that's how it
appeared to me... The linuxlinks.com doc just links to the
homepage of the authors or distributors of the programs.

 Dana Booth <dana@oz.net>
 Tacoma, Wa., USA