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  I just installed siag on NetBSD 1.4 using its pkg system. 

  I generally like it. I have been using SC for some time. I guess it
is time to write some simple conversion tools.
  One thing that siag definely needs is the ability to *edit* formulas
as they are copied. E.g. a formula like:
	(+ B4 B6) in cell B7 when copied to C7 becomes (+ C4 C6).

  5 interpreters are nice, but one good one is better in my opinion :-)

  Actually, for the scheme case, I don't see why it should be too hard to
change the symbol references. I don't object to having to specify something 
like "@B4" or something so that we don't have to reserve all two letter
variables for the cells, but that is less important.

  I've taken instead to running perl on the .siag file. Is there a better way?
  It does handle inserting/deleting lines correctly, so I don't see why
this should be hard.

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