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Getting started questions...


Just got Siag, compiled/installed fine, starts fine, now how do I ...
every thing :)

I've looked over the docs, but they do not appear to be for an end user.
And as close as I can find there are no begining level tutorials? or

Some things I need to know:

1. How to set a "Date" format (style?) on a whole column, except the
first cell which will be the label AND be able to enter dates as dates
(1/4/99 or some such) and not as seconds.

2. How to do column labels, as the first cell? or is there a way to
replace "A", "B", ... with my own labels? (I see to the left that they
are all numbers really, like 1,1 as first cell).

3. How to create a permenent database like entry form? one such that the
end user can click an icon and the form pops up.

Much more I'm sure, but I got to go.  Does anyone have any tutorials
anywhere? any "This is how to get started" type docs?

Thanks for your help.

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