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Re: another question: name of Pathetic Writer

I'm  trying  to  make a  port  of  Siag  package  to FreeBSD.  The  last
unresolved  issue   is,  that   FreeBSD  has  the   standard  executable
/usr/sbin/pw (pw  - create,  remove, modify &  display system  users and
groups), which  is often  in the  users' PATH. I'd  like to  install the
Pathetic Writer under some other name  (and make sure all other parts of
the package  know about it). Can  you suggest anything? I'm  thinking of
Pathetic Writer  for X11 (pwx), or  P. W. from Siag  (pws), or something
similar. Any comments?

Since the directory containing X-specific code is called xpw, why not use
that as the name? I first heard of the name clash a year ago or so, and I
intend to change the name to a better one at some point.