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Re: another question: name of Pathetic Writer

Ulric Eriksson wrote:
> I'm  trying  to  make a  port  of  Siag  package  to FreeBSD.  The  last
> unresolved  issue   is,  that   FreeBSD  has  the   standard  executable
> /usr/sbin/pw (pw  - create,  remove, modify &  display system  users and
> groups), which  is often  in the  users' PATH. I'd  like to  install the
> Pathetic Writer under some other name  (and make sure all other parts of
> the package  know about it). Can  you suggest anything? I'm  thinking of
> Pathetic Writer  for X11 (pwx), or  P. W. from Siag  (pws), or something
> similar. Any comments?
> Since the directory containing X-specific code is called xpw, why not use
> that as the name? I first heard of the name clash a year ago or so, and I
> intend to change the name to a better one at some point.
> Ulric

I'd rather see you ditch the "pathetic writer" name altogether.

It's hard to persuade anyone to switch from MS office to something
called "pathetic writer".