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Re: Font errors.

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, Mark Cote wrote:

> Hi, I apologize if this is a trivial matter.  I glanced through the
> archives and didn't see anything related to this.
> When I try to run siag, I get 8 errors like the following:
> scanFontDBase(): Type 1 Font file bchb.[pfa/pfb] not found (FontID=8)
> I believe I installed siag from the binaries (but don't quote me; I've
> installed a lot of software lately); how are the fonts installed, or
> where do I get them?

This is because the binaries include the t1lib library. When Siag is
started the library goes looking for configuration files and fonts but
doesn't find any unless you already had t1lib installed.

It's a bug in the binary, but as far as I know it is a cosmetic one.

Later releases of Siag Office don't include t1lib unless asked to, to
avoid mistakes like these.