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printing from siag

I have used many different versions of SIAG over the past year but have
only recently added a printer to my linux box. How do I get SIAG
spreadsheet (or PW for that matter) to print only the sheet shown on
screen and not the entire file? Also, how can I change the format of the
print so that reductions in column widths are reflected in the printed
	I am using v21 currently, but upgrade regularly. Apparently there are
Gnome icons available. Where do they install themselves, as I have only
been able to find the KDE ones?
	Installing to RH6.0 was quite a challenge until I realised that SIAG
was looking for Xaw3d in a different location from where RH puts it. I
installed a second folder of the widget set where SIAG required it and
had no problems.