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Re: PW bugs

On Mon, 4 Oct 1999, Johan Bengtsson wrote:

> I'm using pw for the first time and here are some of observations:
> (Note: I'm runniing Redhat 6.0 and installed a
> binary relase: siag-Linux-i586-3.1.21.tar.gz)
>  1. Every time I push the save button the box for choosing filename is
> displayed, even if I have already choosen a filename. Also the statusbar at the
> top of the pw window ins't updated with the new filename, it keeps on
> displaying "noname.pw".

The toolbar button calls (save-buffer-as), not (save-buffer). Can be
changed in xsiag/window.c, function init_toolbar. This should really be in
a Scheme module instead.

The statusbar displays the buffer name, not the file name. The code is in
csiag/window.c, function activate_window, if anyone wants to hack on it.

> 2. If I highlight some text I can format it (switch to bold etc.), but if the
> cursor is moved to another line it doesn't work, even if the text is still
> highlighted.

If the cursor (the point) is in the highlighted text (the block) the whole
block is changed, otherwise only the point is affected. I don't think that
is documented anywhere, but it is broken as designed.