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Re: cell format problem still there

On Thu, 3 Feb 2000 FriederH@t-online.de wrote:

> I sent this mail and the attachment a few weeks ago. Just today I downloaded
> version 3.2.0pre4 and was very happy to read that a few bugs with empty cells
> have been eliminated. But the problem I have got is not fixed. Sure, I know it
> is a prerelease and the only reason I send the bug report again is that you may
> have forgotten.
> When I open the attached file (generated with siag 3.1.21) and perform the 
> following actions then a lot of the cells get a messy underlining.
> 1. change the word Frieder to Werner
> 2. save the file
> 3. quit siag
> 4. start siag again
> 5. load the file again

Thanks, I hadn't forgotten about the bug, only the sequence of steps
required to trigger it. Therefore I thought it was fixed. Oops, indeed.

It is fixed either in the CVS version or my own copy of the code. The next
(pre- or final) release will be able to open the file without corrupting
the cell format.