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Re: Is this list active?

On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Mike White wrote:

> I've been subscribed to this list for about two weeks, and have seen no
> traffic.  Are there others out there?  If so, has anyone had problems opening a
> 123 spredsheet with Siag?  When I open the file no data is displayed.  Once, I
> got the top row to show, but not the other 138 rows below it.  Now, I can't
> even get that row to show.  I saved the file as a .wk1 file from Excel, and
> then tried saving it as a .wk1 file from Quatro Pro.  I got the same results
> from both programs.

The list is mostly for announcements and bug reports, and there hasn't
been a release in some time. But there will be one, soon: 3.2.0 is almost
ready. A prerelease is available from

I would be interested in seeing the Lotus worksheet that Siag can't open.
"It works for me", i.e. the files I save from Excel 97 can be opened by
Siag, so if there is a bug in Siag I would like to fix it.