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Re: Is this list active?

> If so, has anyone had problems opening a
> 123 spredsheet with Siag?  When I open the file no data is displayed.  Once, I
> got the top row to show, but not the other 138 rows below it.  Now, I can't
> even get that row to show.  I saved the file as a .wk1 file from Excel, and
> then tried saving it as a .wk1 file from Quatro Pro.  I got the same results
> from both programs.

My version of Lotus 123 wants to save files as a Lotus workbook with a .123 
file extension. When I "saved as" a .wk1 file using Lotus 123, Siag did read 
the file just fine, but in my litte test spreadsheet, I'd made one formula 
which did not come out correctly. In the c column, I'd "summed" up about ten 
rows in the b column, and although Siag had the "sum" right, it was summing 
up those rows in the x column.

Anyway, all the stuff I'd typed did appear, except that there was a zero in 
that "sum" cell I'd mentioned. I guess that 123's ".wk1" is an older format 
than what my current 123 saves as.

Dana Booth <dana@oz.net>
Tacoma, Wa., USA

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