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Re: french newbie

I've put the following lines in my ~/.bash_profile:


It works for most applikations.

Den tir, 08 feb 2000 21:06:51 Jacques BON skrev:
> Excuse me for my poor english and my question... but I didn't found the
> answer in the archives.
> How can I configure Siag for french ? I've tried env LINGUAS="fr"
> ./configure without success.
> When I'll can do that, I will be happy to help the team for translations
> -docs only, I'm not a programmer :'-(

Translating the programs aren't all that difficult, you just have two 
columns of text separated by tabs, english to the right, french to the 
left. I think you use 'newdict dictionary.fr' to get a list of new words 
that are missing from the old french translation. I prefer to modify 
line 9 to:

grep -h -v '^#' dictionary.sv.in | cut -f 1 -s | sort | uniq > alldict
because else you will get a lot of obsolete strings to translate as 
well, I think.

When you are finished updating dictionary.fr.in, run 'make' and 'make 
install' in the 'common' subdirectory to update and install the new 
translation and take it for a spin.