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Siag Office 3.2.0 released

There, it's done: the latest version of Siag Office is available at
http://siag.nu/ or ftp://ftp.edu.stockholm.se/, as source only.

This release contains changes that have accumulated over several months
since the last release of 3.1.x. Some of the most important ones are:

/snip from NEWS/

User-visible changes in 3.2.0: 

 - General user interface overhaul, including completely new
   menu widgets. 

 - Siaghelp has been made smarter. If SIAGHELP is set, siaghelp checks
   that it is the name of an existing program. Otherwise, or if
   SIAGHELP is unset, siaghelp sets it to something that will work: 
   Netscape, Chimera or Lynx in an xterm. Finally two browsers are
   handled specially. If SIAGHELP is netscape, and netscape is already
   running, the help is displayed in the existing instance. If SIAGHELP
   is kdehelp and the help file is plaintext, kedit is used instead. 

 - Error messages that are destined for stderr are captured in a
   pop-up window, so they can be seen even if the program was not
   started from a command line. 

 - "About..." pop-up message box. 

 - Emulates KDE look by default. 

 - Labels starting with digits, or expressions starting with letters,
   can simply be entered without using special menu commands. Valid
   expressions are interpreted as such, and anything else as labels. 

 - File finder in file selector can search for files using any
   arguments `find' understands. 

 - Find in Siag can search for substrings in cells and disregards case. 

 - Siag can use expressions as function arguments, e.g. sin(2*3). 

 - Translated strings can contain newlines. 

 - Documentation: The change log is kept in a single file called
   ChangeLog, rather than many files called CHANGES. 

 - There is only one copy of the GPL (filename = COPYING), rather
   than several copies in the subdirectories. 

 - Menu widgets et al replaced with Nws ones (from Pavuk).

More documentation changes: the auto-generated online docs for menu
commands contain links to the relevant Scheme functions. See
http://siag.nu/online-docs/siag/commands.html, for example.

Many bugs have been fixed. Read about them in ChangeLog.