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Credit where credit is due: major parts of this package were written by people other than myself. There is no reason to re-implement stuff that is already freely available.

For copyright information and installation instructions, see the various packages. The sources are hacked by Yours Truly to give the programs a uniform look. If you don't approve of that and/or already have the programs installed, there is no need to install my versions. These are not the original versions! If my modifications break anything, complain to me about it, not the original authors. If the original versions work and mine don't, then don't use mine.

  • Siod
    The embedded Scheme interpreter is an extremely small interpreter called Siod, which can be used stand-alone or easily integrated into a program as an extension language.
    Author: George J. Carrette,
  • Xaw3d
    The 3D Athena widget replacement provides a Motif-ish look to the program without the licence cost.
    Author: Kaleb S. Keithley,
  • Chimera
    The html browser Chimera is used by Siag for displaying help information.
    Author: John Kilburg
  • Ghostview
    Ghostview is used by Siag for previewing the postscript output prior to printing. It requires Ghostscript to interpret the postscript code.
    Author: Tim Theisen,
  • Gnuplot
    The plotting utility Gnuplot is used by Siag for plotting graphs from information in spreadsheets.
    Authors: Thomas Williams, Colin Kelley and others.
  • DND
    This library provides drag and drop capabilities which are compatible with several other applications, including the Files file manager. When one or more files are dragged from Files and dropped in a Siag window, a new instance of Siag is started with the file loaded.
    Author: CÚsar Crusius,

Ulric Eriksson 2000-12-07