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Siag and PW supports drag and drop as defined by the DND protocol by CÚsar Crusius. The DND protocol is used by the tools in the OffiX project, the Exode project, the ImageMagick program and others.

Files can be dragged from the Files file manager program onto a window. A new instance of the application is then started and the file automatically loaded.

Drag the PI.txt file into the running PW...

...and another PW is automatically started with the file loaded

If a directory is dropped on PW, no file is loaded but the new program changes current directory before starting up.

Using the DND library to add drag and drop support to a program is very easy, the necessary changes to Siag were less than 20 lines. The more people start using it, the more useful it becomes.

Ulric Eriksson 2000-12-07