Re: load imbalance

From: Christopher Godaire (
Date: Fri Nov 30 2001 - 21:35:49 CET

Okay, it took two days for pen to mess up this time, but mess up it did. =)

Apparently it's becoming confused about who the clients are. The "client"
column in the "Active Connections" section of the status page lists the ids
of all the clients as 5. A quick look at the "Active Client" list shows that
client 5 is on server 0, which is exactly where all traffic is going. I'm
guessing that if 5 were on server 1, that's where the traffic would be.

I've got status pages for before and after, if you'd like to see them. For
now running it with -r should probably fix my situation and shouldn't hurt
as we're running a bunch of perl scripts (no state).

- Chris

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